Vanessa Pike-Russell

This year Dicey Riley’s Hotel has decided to try something a little different to give their regular patrons a taste of something new and to  attract some new diners to their bistro.

On Thursday the 31st of May they will be kicking off our ‘2012 Team Cook Off Challenge’. It will continue each Thursday thereafter until the Grand Final which will be held on Thursday the 28th of June.

Each week will see four teams of three amateur cooks  from local businesses battling it out ‘Masterchef’ style for a place in the grand final.

Teams will be given a mystery box of ingredients from which they are to create a culinary masterpiece. Executive Chef Joel Leggett will select the ingredients for our teams each week and will also do a cooking demonstration for on lookers and teams to show what can be done with the ingredients given.

'Wollongong's irish Pub'

333 Crown Street
Wollongong 2500
ph:      (02) 4229 1952
fax:   (02) 4226 6795

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