Vanessa Pike-Russell
Musman Curry from Crown Thai, Wollongong

To celebrate the birth of my nephew my husband and I had lunch at Crown Thai.
We ordered our favourite - the Crying Tiger with glass of wine $9.50 and a musman curry with tender beef and potatoes ($8.50)

The beef was so tender it just melted in the mouth. The curry was flavoursome with potatoes and peanuts cooked to perfection. A wonderful lunchtime meal that leaves you feeling satisfied.

Crown Thai Restaurant,
Globe Lane (near Myers back entrance), Wollongong NSW 2500
Phone: 02) 4227 1177 Fax: (02) 4227 1766
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Vanessa Pike-Russell

To celebrate my Mother's birthday we travelled down to have lunch at the Ocean Beach restaurant in Shellharbour. The restaurant is directly opposite from Little Park and a wonderful view of the boat harbour and rockpools. It is a favourite spot of mine, especially due to the fact that my wedding reception (1996) was held there.

My Mother had suggested a late lunch but unfortunately despite the advertised 'all day menu' we were told that we could not be seated inside the restaurant and would have to be seated outside on the decking or inside the hotel. Thankfully it was a lovely July day so we opted to move outside and enjoy the spectacular view and soft breezes. I attempted to order a seafood platter for two and was told that unfortunately the menu was restricted to a one page 'all day dining' selection which consisted of snacks and entrees until 5.30pm. We tried to make the most of the situation and ordered two entrees which we hoped would tide us over until the restaurant opened for dinner.

Platter of oysters - mix of Oysters Kilpatrick, Mornay and Natural with wine

Platter of oysters - mix of Oysters Kilpatrick, Mornay and Natural

[ Platter of oysters - mix of Oysters Kilpatrick, Mornay and Natural by Vanessa Pike-Russell]
The first entree was a mixed platter of oysters which included Oysters natural, mornay and kilpatrick. We had to wait until the restaurant was open for dinner so chose another appetizer of Crumbed Mushrooms with avocado salad.

Crumbed Mushrooms with avocado salad from Ocean Beach Hotel, Shellharbour

[Crumbed Mushrooms with avocado salad from Ocean Beach Hotel, Shellharbour by Vanessa Pike-Russell]

My Mother and I both love mushrooms and these delicious morsels were a feast of the senses. The beetroot was fried and the outer crispness was an amazing contrast to the sweet and tender beetroot texture within. The salad was very tasty, nicely seasoned and the avocado a nice contrast to the crumbed mushrooms and beetroot.

I thanked the waiter when he came to take our plates, expressing our appreciation for the wonderful entrees and asked to advance order the seafood platter for when their restaurant opened. The waiter seemed puzzled that we had been told that the seafood platter wasn't available, especially due to the fact that it was a very slow day. If he had been asked he would have served us a seafood platter at 2pm rather than ask us to wait three and a half hours on what was a special birthday celebration which also marked the birth of my Sister's baby the day before.

It was getting colder and by 5pm we decided to go elsewhere for dinner and walked down to Addisons Seafood Restaurant for the seafood platter.

The Ocean Beach Hotel
2 Addison St, Shellharbour NSW 2259
p 02 4296 1399 · f 02 4297 1486 Tweet This
Vanessa Pike-Russell

On July 23rd, 2007 my nephew was born. The next day was my Mother's birthday and we wanted to celebrate both events. After a late lunch at the Ocean Beach Hotel we made our way down Addison Street to the famed Addisons Seafood Restaurant. The weather had grown chilly and the warmth of the restaurant was welcomed.
Seafood platter for 2  from Addisons Seafood Restaurant ($40)
Seafood Platter for Two ($40)
Whilst we perused the menu we were presented with a free appetiser
Free appetiser from Addisons Seafood Restaurant by you.

Complimentary miniature hamburger

It looked like a miniature hamburger and was very tasty.

For dinner we chose to share a sampler plate of seafood including smoked salmon, grilled salmon, char grilled baby octopus, fresh oysters(2), scallops(2), fresh prawns (4) and a green salad with Parmesan shavings - $40

The scallops melted in the mouth. It had been a while since I had eaten scallops with such flavour. We enjoyed everything on the sampler plate and wished there were more oysters, scallops and prawns.

As well as the plate of seafood I ordered a half lobster for my Mother, knowing how much she loves lobster. We had asked for a Bernaise sauce but the chef was not able to create one, opting for a mornay sauce instead.

Half Lobster Mornay $35
The mornay sauce was very tasty and well seasoned. The lobster tail section was tender and very tasty, unfortunately the upper part was rather rubbery and tasted as if it had been frozen. We were told that the lobster was caught fresh that day and that we were mistaken but my Mother was not convinced. Our family used to own a seafood store and my Mother has had a long history of cooking lobster and is able to cook them to perfection. Thankfully we were not left hungry, the seafood plate more than sated our appetites. It was my first visit to Addisons Seafood Restaurant but definitely not my last.

Addison's Restaurant & Function Centre
25 Addison Street
Shellharbour NSW 2529
Ph: 4297 5566

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Vanessa Pike-Russell

Chimichanga with beans  ($16)

"Enchilada combination - seafood enchilada, tako and chimichanga ($16)"

Mexican food from Pot of Gold Mexican Cantina, Wollongong - Enchilada combination - seafood enchilada, tako and chimichanga

Interior of Pot of Gold Mexican Cantina

"Carafe of Sangria ($14)


Pot of Gold Mexican Cantina, Wollongong
144-146 Crown Street
New South Wales 2500

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Vanessa Pike-Russell

Seafood Platter for One $25 - Barramundi fillet, smoked salmon, fresh prawns, balmain bugs, oysters, crumbed calamari, pineapple, strawberry, rockmelon and tartare and seafood sauces

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