Vanessa Pike-Russell
I awoke very hungry on a rainy and cold Melbourne morning. I felt like a breakfast of bacon and eggs and it just happened that our wandering took us past the Elephant and the Wheelbarrow hotel which looked very welcoming and a definite must-see. A british themed hotel in the middle of Melbourne.
Elephant and the Wheelbarrow Hotel, Melbourne

Elephant and the Wheelbarrow Hotel, Melbourne

Even better it had a great menu 'The Best of British' which featured English Breakfast and Steak & Ale Stew.

Big English Breakfast $15.90

English Breakfast included white pudding, English breakfast sausage, two eggs, bacon and toast. The white pudding was an interesting flavour sensation. I had tried black pudding before but white pudding was new to me. The texture was of cracked wheat but knowing what black pudding consisted of I had a fair idea it would have suet but minus the pigs blood and other unmentionables black pudding contains. I decided not to ask and just enjoyed trying something new.

Steak and Ale Stew $15.90

Tender chunks of beef marinated with English Ale, cooked with carrots, leeks, celery, onions and potatoes in rich sauce, topped with mashed potato. A big hit with Philip who loved every morsel.

We sat and ate as the world went by past our window view of a rainy Melbourne day. I loved the antique, british feel of the decor and enjoyed relaxing and soaking everything in. Good food, a good view and getting out of the rain in the comfort of a british -themed pub. What could be better?
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