Vanessa Pike-Russell
Oysters $26 a dozen

To celebrate the blood moon total lunar eclipse we headed down to North Wollongong to get a good vantage point for moon gazing. After a few hours we decided to have some supper at the Beach House seafood restaurant.

We started with a mixed dozen oysters and then enjoyed the hot plate of seafood.

Hot Seafood Plate featuring scallops, prawn, fish and a rocket and tomato salad served with bernaise sauce

The Carribean themed cocktail was a fitting and quite refreshing tribute to the lunar eclipse which glowed an amazing red/orange colour. A very enjoyable evening with some of the best views of North Wollongong.

Carribean cocktail - $13

Beachouse Seafood Restaurant
16 Cliff Rd, North Beach (North Wollongong)
Phone: (02) 4228 5410
Cuisine: Seafood, Modern Australian, European

Open 7 days, lunch and dinner.
Lunch 12.00pm to 3.00pm
Dinner 6.00pm to 12.00am
Web Site:

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Vanessa Pike-Russell

Purchased at the Wollongong Medieval Fair.
More photos at

Poffertjes [pɔfəɹcəs] are a traditional Dutch batter treat. Poffertjes look like tiny pancakes, but they are much sweeter. In contrast with pancakes, poffertjes are turned before one side is completely done, which results in a much softer core than pancakes have. (Source: Wikipedia)

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Vanessa Pike-Russell

Lemon and Garlic Scallops with squid ink pasta at Antics Restaurant, Wollongong NSW 2500 Australia, originally uploaded by Vanessa PR.

Lemon Scallops $24.50

I had never heard of squid-ink pasta before this meal. I really liked it! After doing some googling I found out the following:

Squid ink, which is also available from the Cuddlefish (related to the Squid family), is added to the water and dough as pasta is made, creating very black colored pasta. This ink provides a salty and somewhat sweet flavor as an ingredient and coloring to the pasta.

The scallops were very tasty. I loved the mixture of lemon and garlic. The flavours worked well with the lemon giving the dish a fresh, zingy taste which was balanced by the pasta. A lovely meal.

Veal Parmigiana $24.50
Veal Parmigiana at Antics Restaurant, Wollongong NSW 2500 Australia

The vegetables were cooked to perfection - cooked yet crunchy - just the way I like them! The veal parmigiana was very tasty. I love the presentation of the mashed potato.

Antics Restaurant
76 Crown Street
Wollongong , NSW 2500

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Vanessa Pike-Russell

It had been a while since we last visited Baan Krua Thai. On our last visit we sampled the amazing Deep-Fried Soft-Shell crab from Baan Krua Thai in Wollongong. It was so good that we decided to go back and order it again. I also ordered the garlic seafood stir-fry which was amazing. The quality of food and wonderful service makes Baan Krua a favourite for dining in Wollongong.

Mixed entree at Baan Krua Thai, Wollongong

Mixed Entree $6.50

Garlic Seafood Stir-Fry at Baan Krua Thai

Garlic Seafood Stir-Fry $14.50

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Vanessa Pike-Russell

An Australian hamburger with meat burger, tomato, beetroot, lettuce, onion, egg, bacon, pineapple, cheese and BBQ sauce.

They also make a delicious Portugese Chicken burger which has to be tried.

Chicken Schnitzel Burger at Metzis Tasty Takeaway
The Chicken Schnizel burger was larger than a plate. Metzis is also famous for the battered fish made to a secret recipe that owner Matt will not divulge. Once you taste it you will know why it is a closely held secret.

Metzis Tasty Takeaway with view of Lake Illawarra" by Vanessa Pike-Russell
Metzis Tasty Takeaway with view of Lake Illawarra

Located opposite Lake Illawarra Foreshore on Redall Parade it is well worth a visit.

Metzis Tasty Takeaway
25 Mackenzie Ave Mt Warrigal NSW 2528
ph: (02) 42968838

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