Vanessa Pike-Russell
Back in March I visited Satay House, a small restaurant located off Wollongong's Crown Street Mall in a side street near Camera House. I am a big fan of Satay food and I was not disappointed. I ordered the Satay King Prawns ($8.50), Curry Beef with rice ($6.50) and some green tea.

Satay King Prawns at Satay House, Wollongong Mall
Satay King Prawns

Curry Beef with rice at Satay House, Wollongong Mall
Curry Beef with rice

A pot of Green Tea at Satay House, Wollongong Mall
A pot of Green Tea

Pouring the tea at Satay House, Wollongong Mall
Pouring the tea

Satay House Restaunt, Wollongong Mall

Satay House, 121 Crown Street Wollongong
(Laneway next to Wollongong Camera House)
NSW 2500 Australia
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Vanessa Pike-Russell

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Vanessa Pike-Russell
We were visiting Sydney for the 75th Anniversary of the opening of
the Sydney Harbour Bridge and stumbled upon a german restauraunt that I have wanted to visit.
Philip Russell with street artists at The Rocks to celebrate Sydney Harbour Bridge 75th birthdayStreet artists at The Rocks to celebrate Sydney Harbour Bridge 75th birthday
People flock to The Rocks to  celebrate Sydney Harbour Bridge 75th birthday
Watching the SHB 75th festivities from Lowenbrau Beer Hall and Restaurant, The Rocks, Sydney

Our feet were sore and what better place to see the passing parade than with a stein in one hand and a fork filled with German fare in the other. Yumm!

Schlachtplatte - a platter of German fare from Lowenbrau Beer Hall and Restaurant. A selection of Bavarian specialities: Sausages, Chicken Schnitzel, Roast Pork Belly Served with Mashed Potato and Sauerkraut

 Schlachtplatte - a platter of German fare from Lowenbrau Beer Hall and Restaurant by you. Schlachtplatte - a platter of German fare from Lowenbrau Beer Hall and RestaurantWatching the SHB 75th festivities from Lowenbrau Beer Hall and Restaurant, The Rocks, Sydney by you. Schlachtplatte - a platter of German fare from Lowenbrau Beer Hall and RestaurantSonya and Philip at Lowenbrau in Argyle St, The Rocks

Löwenbräu Keller Beer Hall

For reservations call 02 9247 7785.

Corner of Playfair & Argyle Streets
The Rocks
Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Tel: +61 (0)2 9247 7785
Fax: +61 (0)2 9241 1613

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Vanessa Pike-Russell
As an early birthday celebration I invited my Sister for lunch at The Metro Grill in Keira Street, Wollongong. We had read about their 'buy one main get one free' deal on the Rewards Club website and thought it was a great excuse to try out this new restaurant on Keira Street Wollongong, Opposite the lovely Baan Krua Thai Restaurant.

The Metro Grill is offering $15 lunches which includes a glass of wine or soft drink.

with glass of house wine or soft drink $15.00

Pan Fried Prawn Salad
Pan fried prawn tails tossed in a special Metro Grill salad

Rump Steak
Prime Rump Steak char grilled to your order and served with a side of fresh salad and chips

Chicken Breast with Polenta
Succulent chicken breast char grilled and served with a citrus infused polenta served with a fresh salad

Chicken Breast Schnitzel
Good old fashion tender chicken schnitzel served with chips and fresh garden salad

Salmon Patties
Our specially blended salmon Patties served over a light tomato sauce Served with a side of fresh salad

Chicken And Mushroom Vol Au Vent
Delicious chicken and mushroom filling in a light pastry casing served with a fresh salad

Sun Dried Tomato and Bacon Risotto
A light risotto with sun dried tomatoes and bacon finished with rocket and parmesan cheese

Tossed with bacon, leaf spinach and fresh cream

Char Grilled Octopus
Tossed with a little olive oil, lemon,
garlic and a touch of chilli served over rocket salad with balsamic vinegar

I had the Rump Steak and paid an extra $5 for some seafood in garlic sauce - making it a 'Surf and Turf'.

Rump steak with garlic seafood (king prawns, mussells and scallops)
The steak was juicy and tender. It had a great flavour and the garlic sauce from the seafood really enhanced the meal. I haven't had scallops that fresh since returning from Tasmania in 2002. A wonderful meal at a great price. The servings size was more than generous. I found it difficult to finish all of my meal and left some of the salad.

My Sister chose the Chicken Parmigiana with salad and enjoyed her meal, also struggling to finish. It smelled amazing and I will definitely be trying it when I visit The Metro Grill again in the near future.

The staff were friendly and were able to accommodate my request for the seafood topping without notice - something I rate them highly for. The decor is simple and relaxing. It would be suitable for a candlelight dinner or to celebrate a birthday or event. If you register as a VIP member you may dine for free! It is a short walk from Wollongong City Mall or Collegians Rugby Football Club if you wanted to continue your night.

130 Keira St (Cnr Victoria St)
Wollongong 2500 NSW Australia
Phone: (02) 4227 1033 Tweet This
Vanessa Pike-Russell
photo by 25056484@N00

I asked the lovely people at Gwynneville's ChicknRoast if they had anything low carb on their menu. They replied that their daughter was on a low carb diet and that their son George often cooked a low carb meal for his sister - it consists of beef cooked on the barbeque with a special marinade then layered over a large serve of greek salad featuring the best marinated feta I've ever tasted.

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Vanessa Pike-Russell

On Friday March 9th I went back to Chefs Choice. It really is an amazing restaurant and the prices are the most reasonable in Wollongong. Every table receives a big thermos of green tea and most meals include free rice.

Chefs Choice
Address: 166 Keira Street
Wollongong 2500
Phone: (02) 42284811
Fax: (02) 42284811

Opening Hours: 10:30am- 10.00pm Mon-Sun
Licensed/BYO: Byo
Number of Seats: 90
Disabled Access:
Reservations: Yes

Steamed Pippies with XO Sauce - $13.50

Pork Ribs with Hong Kong sauce $8
Crispy pork (on the bone) was very tender. The sauce was very tasty. The Hong Kong sauce was a spicy sweet and sour. It went well with the deep-fried tofu below.

Deep-fried tofu $5
The tofu had a very interesting texture and tasted amazing when dipped in the sauce from the pork ribs. I'd definitely recommend you buy them together. Some of the tofu were creamy whereas others were firmer. The serve was quite large and made a nice entree.

Chicken with Chinese Mushroom hotpot $8.50

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Vanessa Pike-Russell

One of the Take Aways on Gwynneville's Gipps Road is the Original Fish and Chips store. Meals of note include the garlic grilled fish, chicken satay hamburgers, seafood basket and many others.

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Vanessa Pike-Russell

Perusing the menu

I chose the mixed entree. Philip selected Crying Tiger and Stan the Dear Crab

Mixed Entree $6.50

Money bag, Thai fish cake, satay skewer, spring roll

Dear Crab $6.50

Dear Crab - fried crabmeat with a delicious dipping sauce

Crying Tiger - $6.50

You'd cry with joy if you tasted it! Strips of beef with an amazing dipping sauce made out of roasted rice, tamarind, soy sauce, oyster sauce and other ingredients.

Next we selected our mains. Philip chose the Panang Ped Duck, Stan the Octopus Yang and I opted for one of my favourite meals - Garlic Seafood.

Panang Ped Duck: Sliced roasted duck in red chilli paste and coconut cream $13.90

Octopus Yang ; Thai style BBQ Octopus marinated in thai sauce $13.90

Garlic Seafood - Seafood includes prawns, mussell, calamari, crunchy fried clams in a garlic sauce served with broccoli, cauliflower, carrot and snow peas. $14.90

Philip and Stan asking what was in that amazing dipping sauce
that came with the Crying Tiger!

The decor of Crown Thai is aesthetically pleasing, as is the gentle music that plays in the background.

Crown Thai Restaurant,
Globe Lane (near Myers back entrance), Wollongong NSW 2500
Phone: 02) 4227 1177 Fax: (02) 4227 1766 Tweet This

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