Vanessa Pike-Russell GREEN Takeaway coffee cup by BioPak

Paper cups lined with cornstarch rather than plastic and with either a recyclable PET plastic or compostable cornstarch lid. The cornstarch cup and lid will completely break down into compost.
Recently I was travelling and purchased some takeaway coffee and started to feel bad for not taking my own cup. As a University student for many years I have seen how much waste is produced by fast food vendors and was very happy to see the use of BioCup. Intrigued, I decided to do some research and came across an article on the Bega coffee shop 'Cafe Evolve' [once known as the Niagara Cafe]  in the Businesses Treading Lightly (BTL) website. What a wonderful idea to involve Sacred Grounds Fair-Trade coffee supplier and make an impact on cafes around the country, not just in your own town. Kudos to Cafe Evolve & Voodoo Coffee their supplier of Sacred Grounds
Bega Café influences supply chain   
It started with a take away coffee cup left behind by a customer.
Anna Leaman and Peter Haggar of Niagara Café [now known as Cafe Evolve] in Bega were interested in using fully biodegradable cups and when a customer left a compostable cup on the tables, they decided to investigate.

Anna says the first suppliers they approached offered options too expensive to contemplate. Then they found a company called BioPak which could supply paper cups lined with cornstarch rather than plastic and with either a recyclable PET plastic or compostable cornstarch lid. The cornstarch cup and lid will completely break down into compost. Anna says they currently take home all food scraps from the coffee shop and compost them and will do the same with any compostable cups or other biodegradable products left behind by customers.
The café owners then approached their coffee supplier, Sacred Grounds, to see if they could supply the cups. “Sacred Grounds already supply fair trade, organic coffee so we thought it would fit with their image and philosophy," said Anna. flink.jpg
Sacred Grounds, a brand supplied by Voodoo Coffee Company not only undertook to supply the cups but will be able to supply all their retail customers with these cups within 6 months. Not only is Scared Grounds improving their offering but the local distributer, seeing an opportunity, contacted BioPak to become a distributor. Food outlets in Bega and surrounds will now be able to choose biodegradable straws, milkshake containers, cutlery, catering trays and take away salad boxes. For business it is also important to keep an eye on the bottom line. “And these cups only cost a couple of cents per cup more,” said Anna.
BTL can help: If you want information about biodegradable take away containers and cups call BTL Toll Free on 1800 187 729 or Sustainability Officer Vickie Williamson on 0401 674 762 or email Tweet This
Vanessa Pike-Russell
Adam Liaw
MasterChef winner Adam Liaw. Picture: Ten Network  

I would pay to dine in Adam's restaurant any day. Well done! You have such a wonderful dignified nature and I love your sense of humour. 
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Vanessa Pike-Russell
Vanessa Pike-Russell Photography

23/07/2010 Breakfast at Monet's, Clyde River, Batemans Bay by Vanessa Pike-Russell

I recently made a trip from Wollongong to Bega (and a few days later the return journey) on the Premier Motor Service coach on a $79 adult backpacker pass each direction for 3 months. There are several stops along the journey including one at Nowra Stewart Place and Batemans Bay. On the trip down I bought a Hellenic Wrap from Socrates Table Cafe in Berry St, Nowra which was delicious.

Then on the same trip we stopped at Batemans Bay where I purchased a Mocha from the StarFish cafe which came with a free mini marshmallow. Sweet!

After spending some time with my Grandmother in Bega I made my way back a few days later and this time had Breakfast at Monet's Cafe on the water at Batemans Bay. I had caught the 7am bus from Bega so decided a bacon with two eggs on gluten-free toast would give me the needed energy to last the 6 hour trip back to Wollongong.

There is something so special about eating warm food and a great cup of coffee with the spectacular view to make you feel good. A big thanks to the staff at Monets for their wonderful service with a smile and for catering to people with Gluten sensitivities. It's a shame the local bakery had no gluten-free options but if they had I wouldn't have found a great place to spend the Batemans Bay rest break.
Socrates Table, Nowra
Owner: Babs Zarrella.
Phone: 02 4422 7898. Mobile: 0431 419 592.
Location: Nowra

Starfish Deli Cafe, Batemans Bay
Shops 1 & 2 Promenade Plaza
Clyde St, Batemans Bay NSW 2536, Australia
(02) 4472 4880


Monets Cafe, Batemans Bay
2/5 Orient St Batemans Bay NSW 2536
(02) 4472 5717


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Vanessa Pike-Russell
Beer Tasting Dinner @ Samuels Thirroul7 Aussie Craft Beers matched to a 6 course dinner. Enjoy a warm up beer on arrival, then 6 delicious courses by the bar next door to Samuels, matched with 6 fine Aussie Craft Brews chosen by Dan the beer snob, your beer guide for the night.

Be prepared for 4 hours of all things Aussie Craft Beer. You’ll sip, you’ll savour, you’ll nibble, you’ll drool, you’ll learn, you’ll…become a beer snob.
Get as little or as many people as you wish together and come have some fun.

When: Thu 22nd July
Time: 7pm (warm up beer) for 7:30pm dinner
Where: The bar next door Samuels
Map Click here to view map
Price: $69
Phone: 4268 2244 or 0422968985
Address: 382 Lawrence Hargrave Drive, Thirroul
Category: Wine / Beer Events and Tastings Tweet This
Vanessa Pike-Russell
If the images are not displayed, please click here.
Nestlé Good Food, Good Life
Get cooking this winter. Win $200 for your energy bills.

How to stay warm this winter without breaking the budget
Got energy-saving tips for winter? Tell us in 25 words or less and the top 10 entries will receive $200 – ideal for paying your energy bills. (Entries close 23/07/2010 at 5pm AEST**)

Win a Nestlé hamper valued at $100
Your chance to win one of 5 hampers, packed with winter goodies like UNCLE TOBYS Oats,
COUNTRY CUP soup and MILO, is as easy as answering three simple questions.

(Entries close 23/07/2010 at 5pm AEST*)
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Vanessa Pike-Russell
The Sunday Telegraph and Sydney Attractions Group are giving you the chance to purchase adult tickets at kids prices to visit Sydney Aquarium or Sydney Wildlife World these school holidays.

Don't miss SHARK HQ at Sydney Aquarium! Submerge yourself in the world of these
awe-inspiring animals. Witness state of the art shark tracking divers, baby sharks
and from July 12 come face to face with the largest animatronic Great White Shark in
the world. Plus, make sure you check out Rex, one of the world's largest crocodiles
next door at Sydney Wildlife World.

Don't miss The Sunday Telegraph this weekend for details.

For more information about Sydney Aquarium and Sydney Wildlife World, click here. Tweet This
Vanessa Pike-Russell
I first visited the Five Islands Brewing Company in 2006 and soon fell in love with the great food and fantastic beer made on the premises. Then there's the location - directly opposite  North Wollongong Beach and next to the Wollongong Entertainment Centre.

Today I found out that they recently won three bronze and one silver  in the Australian Beer Awards. Well done to 'Pig Dog' and his team.

"Last weeks Australian Beer Awards held in Melbourne proved a successful outing for Five Islands Brewery, snagging four medals. Our Dapto Draught and Barbeerian Wit both received bronze medals, whilst the Bulli Black  and Rust fared even better with silver medals. Congrats to the FIBC brew team of Andrew, Shaun and Ashur…well done boys." [ Read more on their Wordpress blog ]
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Vanessa Pike-Russell
Dinner with Friends
Click here to enter

Ingham are hosting the Ultimate Dinner Party and want you to be the host! Simply register to be a host, invite your friends and family and start thinking about what you'd like to have served at your Ultimate Dinner Party!

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Vanessa Pike-Russell
Cabbage in brine recipe : SBS Food
I love to receive emails from SBS Food. They are chock-full of helpful information, updates on SBS Food shows, Give-aways and Recipes.
This week they have a feature on Cabbage. Enjoy!

In Season: Cabbage

In Season: Cabbage Cabbage, to be quite frank, is not one of the most loved vegetables. However, tastebuds grow up too and when cooked properly it is a delicious accompaniment to other foods. For a simple take, try this recipe for cabbage in brine or for something fancier impress family and friends with this recipe for roast duck with braised cabbage
Learn how to make Cabbage in Brine with Vasili's Mamma.


1/4 cabbage
1 litre water
1 cup vinegar
1/2 cup salt
1 tsp sugar
1 lemon (squeezed)
Spices of your choice
Large jar with lid


Thoroughly wash the cabbage. Chop the cabbage into chunks.

Place chopped cabbage in a large sterilised jar (do not put the lid on).

Heat water, vinegar, salt, sugar, spices and lemon in a pot until the mixture boils.
Pour the boiled ingredients (brine) in the jar of cabbage, filling up to the rim. Tighten the lid and leave to rest for 24-48 hours. It is then ready to eat.

Allow the brine to continue to boil in the jar until it cools down.

If you enjoyed this Cabbage in brine recipe then browse more greek recipes, vegetarian recipes and our most popular lamingtons recipe.

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Vanessa Pike-Russell

Entice magazine

Entice magazine issue 10

Entice magazine is the perfect 'how to' beef cookbook made especially for those looking for delicious meal ideas and cooking tips.

Our latest issue of Entice magazine contains tips for cooking the perfect slow simmered beef dish this winter, as well as information on which beef cuts to use and how long to cook them for. Learn how to cook a succulent beef bourguignon, a tasty beef goulash, a delicious beef casserole and more.

Download the latest issue of Entice magazine


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Vanessa Pike-Russell
I love shopping at Warilla Grove. It has everything you need in a small area.
Sure it could do with a wider variety of seafood but other than that, it's pretty much your one stop shop.

I often spend a lot of my time in front of the Bush's Meats specials window.We've been taking advantage of the fantastic bargains at Bush's including their $7.99 a kilo Beef Ribs, budget Rump Beef (serve as steaks or roasts)

Today I had a look on the Bush's Meats website and found some great recipes for cooking their
Riverina Blue - Australian Beef and Veal
, "guaranteed to be tender every time."

* Growth Hormone Free
* Guaranteed Tender
* 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or YOUR MONEY BACK
* Exclusive to Bush’s Fresh Meats

For the perfect beef and veal, select to the suggested cooking methods
displayed on our ticketing.
Oven RoastStir FryPan FryBBQ GrillSlow Cook
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Vanessa Pike-Russell
Article :: How To Make Cheese : SBS Food
by Ed Charles - 5th July 2010 | 02:01 AET

There are many perceptions of the rustic, bucolic lifestyle of the artisan cheesemaker.

But the reality is very different to how the mass dairy marketers would have us see it in their advertising and promotions. Even the most boutique of cheesemakers in Australia has more in common with the hygiene of an operating theatre than a rustic shed in France. The reality is shiny, spotless stainless steel surfaces, an environment that can be hosed down, white rubber boots, white coats and hairnets, to keep away unwanted bacteria, yeasts and other potential infections. " ( Read more )

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Vanessa Pike-Russell
Shop Online - Taste Le Tour

Embark on a gastronomic journey through regional France
with the Taste Le Tour cookbook and enjoy the perfect musical accompaniment with the Taste le Tour CD, featuring some of the best music and performers France has to offer.

Taste Le Tour and more at the SBS Shop online.
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Vanessa Pike-Russell

I was flipping through the Lake Times and saw that Branches Seafood Restaurant had a 3 course chef special for $36. Curious, I quickly went to their website for more information.

It's my Mum's birthday coming up and we were wondering where to take her for birthday dinner. The Branches Seafood Restaurant is the location of many a celebratory dinner whether for birthday, anniversary or just a special treat. I have fond memories of Scampi brought home one night from my Mum's meal. They were butterflied and grilled with garlic butter. Mmm... my mouth is watering at the memory of it.

I love the sound of the Fried Camembert 

Traditional Catch sounds delicious. Fresh seafood is something Branches has always been famous for. Garlic and butter with seafood - a match made in heaven as far as I'm concerned!

Dessert is where I have trouble deciding. Branches Baileys Profiteroles sound delicious but I think the Chocolate Fondant is calling me. Or the Passionate Panna Cotta. Hopefully I won't have to make a decision and we have all four desserts on the table and share them.

Children's Menu

They also have a Children's menu that includes standard favourites of chicken, fish and chips, nachos, pizza, pasta and icecream but with a refined flair.  They even have my childhood favourite - vanilla icecream topped with milo. Something there for children of all ages. The neptunes catch with calamari and fish pieces, fruit and salad for $9.50 sounds like excellent value.

Ala Carte Menu

Also available is the Ala Carte menu which I am more familiar with and still featuers my all-time favourites. 

Scampi $55 
Deep sea crustaceans grilled with an exciting ouzo, garlic and lemon marinade

Oysters Mornay($27 )
A dozen oysters topped with a delicious mornay sauce and lightly grilled

Steak and Lobster tail ($39)
Tender beef cooked to your liking, garnished with lobster tail and a delicate cream and ginger sauce
seafood platter ($130)
For your next special occassion, pre-order our spectacular seafood platter. A hot and cold assortment of ocean fresh seafood, garnished with an ice statuette.per couple without lobster ~ 130.00 • per couple with lobster ~ market price

Located in the Shellharbour Resort just North of Shellharbour Village on the doorstep of the Blackbutt Forest Reserve, the Branches Seafood Restaurant is a lovely spot for romantic couples or a family affair.

If you are able to get babysitting, why not take advantage of the accommodation packages and really spoil yourself. For $230 they have a Queen bedroom package which includes a 3 Course Dinner in Branches Restaurant dine-in or room service and a full cooked breakfast.The room comprises of a queen size bed, complete with Free Austar TV, Wifi, reverse cycle airconditioning, microwave, fridge, toaster with a toilet and shower ensuite.

    Branches Seafood Restaurant
    Shellharbour Resort & Conference Centre
    Wireless hotspot with Jomojo Wireless

Cnr Shellharbour Road & Ocean Beach Drive
Shellharbour NSW 2529 Australia
p | 02 4295 1317
Branches Restaurant
p | 02 4297 1323
e |
Book Now Online - Click Here

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