Vanessa Pike-Russell

Inspired by some fantastic photography of cupcakes on Flickr I decided to try and source some cute cupcakes locally. The best I could find was the cupcake with a smiley face on it.

Since then I have been scouring the net and have decided that the best way to photograph a pretty cupcake is to make my own. I'm a soft touch for anything with a frangipani on it so I was inspired to make some cupcakes and add a frangipani on some and butterflies on others.

I found some great resources that I wanted to share

How to cover cupcakes with poured fondant

How to make a frangipani flower out of fondant

Frangipani cutter
Fondant and cake topper supplies

And something that is just so beautiful I'd be a very happy recipient if it was delivered to my door. Photography and cupcake design by Le Cupcake

Image references:

How to cover cupcakes with fondant by

Cupcake with frangipani by

Frangipani cutters
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Vanessa Pike-Russell
Bite me! I'm a cupcake with attitude!

Sorry about the title. Alternatives were 'eat my shorts', 'cupcake with attitude', 'would you eat me?", "have you ever eaten a cupcake that smiles at you?" and many more. Perhaps you can think of a better title?

Cupcake from Queen St Bakery, Warilla

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Vanessa Pike-Russell
Tasmanian scallops with mornay sauce

Rashays - Scallops with mornay sauce $10
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Rashays - $10 Steak and Chips by you.
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Rashays - Seafood platter for 2 $59.95
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