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A little while ago I received an email from Paddy Murray with information on a Sourdough Bread Making Course I was interested. If you attend please take some photos and write a review for Illawarra Food and I'll send you a $20 gift voucher for your efforts!

Hi there, just letting you know about my last sourdough course for the year. New is my inclusion of making pancakes and muffins including the famous Russian Blini pancake in addition to the basic theme of how to make bread. Blini are a traditional savoury pancake made from either buckwheat or potato  and topped with savory foods such as smoked salmon or olives and feta cheese. The authentic blini is made with sourdough culture. Attached a couple of images that are available to be used. 
Below some words about my next course: Feel free to contact me if you require further information. Paddy

Sourdough baking is not just about bread it was also the traditional way of making pancakes, blini and muffins. Knowing how to maintain a viable sourdough culture is essential and is an important part of Paddy’s course on sourdough bread making. He now includes instructions for making pancakes and muffins in his course as well as the famous Russian blini pancake. ‘Once you have a good culture you can make an amazing variety of tasty and healthy foods’.  Learning to make sourdough bread is very hard just using books and recipes. There are tips and tricks that can only be learnt through hands on demonstration and then it is easy.   
Paddy supplies a culture originally from Austria that has proven its worth over the years for sourdough baking in Australia. Recipes for San Franciscan sourdough, whole-wheat and European ryes are covered in the day long course.

His next course in Bundanoon is on Sat Nov 3d from 10am to 3pm. He can be contacted on 0427837830 or email Many bakers, chefs and home bakers have learnt to make sourdough breads at Paddy’s courses. 

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Vanessa Pike-Russell

·      Upload your recipe to win over $100,000 worth of prizes including $50,000 worth of kitchen appliances
·      Launch of national food competition and community -
12th October 2012: John Winning, CEO of Winning Appliances, has today launched Best Home Chef, a national cooking competition and community for food lovers to share recipes.

Best Home Chef is an online community where people can upload original recipes, hear from Australian chefs and learn more about cooking. Entrants also have the chance to win over $100,000 of prizes, including $50,000 worth of kitchen appliances.

Entering the competition and joining the community is as simple as registering and uploading an original recipe at  - whether it is a family recipe that’s been passed down, a new take on a classic or a truly innovative creation.

How the Best Home Chef community and competition works:

1.     Register at and upload an original recipe that costs no more than $80 to make.
2.     Rate, cook and review recipes - cook and rate recipes that have been uploaded by others within the community.
3.     Monthly prizes – prizes will be awarded to the top rating recipes for the month.
4.     Semi finalists – the top 25 recipes as voted by the community (based on ratings and reviews) by April 15, 2013, will become semi finalists.
5.     Grand finalists – six cooking mentors will then select the five best recipes to be involved in a live cook-off in May 2013. The cook-off will take place at the new Winning Appliances Redfern Showroom.
6.     Winner chosen at live cook-off – a judging panel of food critics will select the best dish at the live cook-off. The Best Home Chef winner receives $50,000 worth of state-of the-art cooking appliances while the runner-up will receive $25,000 worth of new cooking appliances.

Celebrity chef brand mentors include:
·      Peter Evans, My Kitchen Rules star (Wolf)
·      Mark Best, Chef at Marque Restaurant (AEG)
·      Adam D’Sylva, Chef at Coda Bar & Restaurant (Siemens)
·      Anthony Fischbeck, Australian Chef (Scholtès)
·      Luca Ciano, Chef Consultant (Smeg)
·      Massimo Mele, Ready Steady Cook star (Winning Appliances)

John Winning, CEO of Winning Appliances, said Best Home Chef is a competition designed for any Australian who has an original recipe and believes that food is best shared.  

“Australians love good food and sharing it with family and friends. Whether it’s the humble Sunday family roast or grandma’s sought-after Pavlova recipe, cooking is deeply embedded in our culture. Best Home Chef is aimed at the heart of the Australian family home – the kitchen - and giving profile to the unsung food heroes.

Whether you are looking to update your kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances, share your recipes or realise your cooking dreams, Best Home Chef is the competition and community for you.

“Our research[1] indicates that over half of Australians (52%) eat their main meal at home seven days a week and a further 21% eat their main meal at home about six days a week. With more Australians opting to cook at home we want to provide a profile to the delicious and innovative meals that are being created. Today’s appliances are smarter and sleeker than ever before allowing home chefs to produce restaurant quality meals inside their very own kitchen,” said Mr Winning.

Best Home Chef is open to everyone – from occasional home chefs, to stay-at-home mums and dads, to food bloggers. The winner and runner-up prizes include a selection of products from Best Home Chef sponsors AEG, Smeg, Siemens, Scholtès and Wolf.

Professional chefs can also enter Best Home Chef to win a $10,000 Winning Appliances voucher and the runner-up a $5,000 Winning Appliances voucher. To be eligible for the professional chef prizes, check the box “I am a professional chef,” when registering.
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