Vanessa Pike-Russell

Perusing the menu

I chose the mixed entree. Philip selected Crying Tiger and Stan the Dear Crab

Mixed Entree $6.50

Money bag, Thai fish cake, satay skewer, spring roll

Dear Crab $6.50

Dear Crab - fried crabmeat with a delicious dipping sauce

Crying Tiger - $6.50

You'd cry with joy if you tasted it! Strips of beef with an amazing dipping sauce made out of roasted rice, tamarind, soy sauce, oyster sauce and other ingredients.

Next we selected our mains. Philip chose the Panang Ped Duck, Stan the Octopus Yang and I opted for one of my favourite meals - Garlic Seafood.

Panang Ped Duck: Sliced roasted duck in red chilli paste and coconut cream $13.90

Octopus Yang ; Thai style BBQ Octopus marinated in thai sauce $13.90

Garlic Seafood - Seafood includes prawns, mussell, calamari, crunchy fried clams in a garlic sauce served with broccoli, cauliflower, carrot and snow peas. $14.90

Philip and Stan asking what was in that amazing dipping sauce
that came with the Crying Tiger!

The decor of Crown Thai is aesthetically pleasing, as is the gentle music that plays in the background.

Crown Thai Restaurant,
Globe Lane (near Myers back entrance), Wollongong NSW 2500
Phone: 02) 4227 1177 Fax: (02) 4227 1766 Tweet This
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  1. 2SewRetro Says:

    This restaurant looks wonderful! Wish I lived nearby. :-)

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