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Baan Krua Thai Restaurant

Today I treated myself to a meal at Baan Krua Thai Restaurant on Keira Street, Wollongong. I have wanted to eat there for at least four years, back when it was a Japanese & Koreant restaurant. I decided that today was the day I would ascend the stairs and sample the menu. A friendly waitress greeted me and guided me to a table by the window.

Soothing Thai music played in the background and I settled myself in to peruse the menu. After a few minutes I settled on Satay Chicken (chicken skewers served with a chilli peanut sauce) and Stir Fried Prik Khing (stir fried with green beans, carrots, prik khing paste, crushed roasted peanut, coconut milk and chilli, topped with kaffir lime leaves).

To wash this down I ordered a pot of chinese green tea - such a refreshing drink and full of antioxidants. The photos below are the start of a series of food reviews I will be doing on a weekly basis. Bon appetite!

The restaurant front (can you see the waitress?) Come on in

View of Keirastreet, Wollongong from the restaurant

Take a seat

Now for the part where you help me make a decision as to which photos to include in the food review. 1 - 13 are of the same dish. Which is your favourite?

1. 2.



The food was amazing. I will definitely be back.

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