Vanessa Pike-Russell
Another birthday celebrated at Shellharbour's Ocean Beach Hotel.
This time it was my Sister's birthday and since she loves seafood (like her big Sister) we decided to share the seafood platter for one. Luckily it is enough to feed three, as was evident when I ended up taking a third of it home with me.

My Sister chose an entrée of Crispy pork belly with fresh queensland sea scallops, confit of garlic and honey glaze ($18.90). I almost forgot to take a photo of it, hence the fact some has been eaten. I had a small taste of the pork and it was very sweet and flavoursome.

My Mother decided on her favourite - a mixed dozen of oysters. Raw, Kilpatrick and Gremolata ($32.90)

Finally the seafood platter for one ($70) arrived sand it was difficult to know where to start first.

The platter included fresh and cooked prawns, several oysters, two scallops, several varieties of fish, smoked salmon, spring rolls stuffed with king prawns, fresh crab, half a lobster (a little over cooked, grilled with a scorched flavour) and some summer fruits to cleanse the palate. The dipping sauces were very tasty and we left feeling very full and sated.

Dipping sauces included a green curry aoli, lemon aoli, thai sauce with fish sauce and coriander, and horseradish.

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  1. Squishy Says:

    They looks like an amazing meal. I am a huge seafood fan. Up here in NQ we get some amazing fresh seafood.

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