Vanessa Pike-Russell
I was reading through the Woolworths brochure and spied these Italian Style Meatballs with free sample of Leggo's Tuscan Meatballs simmer sauce. I used to buy my meatballs from a butchers in Shellharbour Square but I decided to give these a try. Very nice!

Leggo's Tuscan Meatballs meal was delicious and so easy to prepare
The meatballs were fairly lean and the flavours in the simmer sauce were great. No seasoning was required and it was a quick an easy meal which was cooked three ways. First, with gluten-free pasta made from rice and corn; secondly served with vegetables and lastly as a makeshift hamburger with gluten free bread, lettuce and some bacon. Yumm!

Definitely worth having in the fridge or freezer for a quick and tasty meal starter.

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