Vanessa Pike-Russell
One of the best restaurants in Wollongong is Chefs Choice. You cannot beat it for value. There is a large thermos of green tea on every table and unless your meal has noodles you will usually get a big bowl of free rice. There is something to please everyone here. My favuorite meal is the absolutely delicious Pippies in XO Sauce. Unfortunately it wasn't on the menu when I last visited so I settled on a firm favourite - Seafood Laksa hotpot

Seafood laksa

Perusing the menu - everything is such good value!

Laksa Wonton Noodle Soup - $7

My husband loved his meal - Chicken with Chinese mushroom hotpot. We love chinese mushroom and there was a sweetness to the sauce, almost like a chicken and sweet corn flavour. Delicious!

Chefs Choice
Corner of Keira and Market Street, Wollongong NSW 2500
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