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Shellharbour is one of my favourite spots in the Illawarra. Only an hour and a half from Sydney (100km) and half an hour south of Wollongong, it has a lovely seaside village feel with gourmet food and speciality shops certain to please.

It was my birthday and I was celebrating with friends and family. We decided to try out the new Thai restaurant that had opened across the road from the Ocean Beach Hotel and the harbour. I love the fresh flavours of thai food and when I saw that mussells were on the menu I just had to try them. And thankfully I wasn't disappointed!

Mussells Hotpot ($15.90) Tender, juicy mussels in a hotpot with basil, lemongrass, chill and sweet chilli sauce. Amazing! Mussels can often be overcooked and chewy or stringy but these just melted in the mouth and the juice was so good not a drop went to waste.

The next dish selected was Pad Kra Tium ($14.90) - Stir fried pork with garlic sauce, mushroom soy, dark soy and pepper. It was a very light meal for someone who had requested nothing too heavy and again was cooked to perfection. This is another favourite meal that will be purchased again.

Next was a meal for our curry lover, masaman curry (mild) with cubes of beef with potato, onion and peanut curry gravy. I had a taste of this meal and the flavours of peanut and a mild curry flavour were very pleasing. This is my favourite thai curry dish and great for diners who have trouble with the spicier curry meals.

Harbour View Thai, Shellharbour Village by you.

Musman curry $14.90

Harbour View Thai, Shellharbour Village by you.

Last was my Mum's seafood salad

Harbour View Thai, Shellharbour Village by you.

Seafood Salad ($19.90) Steamed seafood cooked with red onion, fresh chilli, cucumber, lime juice, mint & cherry tomato

Seafood Salad, Harbour View Thai - Shellharbour Village by you.

Lovely fresh flavours of the mint, cucumber and live affording a cooling zesty feel to this dish. The seafood included mussells, squid, prawns, fish and scallops and was cooked to perfection. Another favourite dish that pleased my seafood loving family.

Harbour View Thai, Shellharbour Village by you.

And a delicious Fried rice for everyone to share

The service at the Harbour View Thai was fantastic. Our waitress kindly allowed me to photograph her by the specials board. I love the vibrant colours of the decore and the view just can't be beat.
Today's Specials at Harbour View Thai Restaurant, Shellharbour Village by you.

Harbour View Thai, Shellharbour Village by you.

Harbour View Thai, Shellharbour Village by you.

Harbour View Thai, Shellharbour Village by you.

7 Addison Street
Shellharbour, NSW 2529
(02) 4297 7033

Shellharbour is easy to get to from Sydney along the Grand Pacific Drive and Sea Cliff Bridge

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