Vanessa Pike-Russell
As I look back over the last few years of writing and photographing the many wonderful restaurants in the Illawarra I am saddened with the thoughts that at least a third of the restaurants are no more.

  •  Baan Krua Thai Restaurant. Keira Street, Wollongong by you.
    Baan Krua Thai - a hidden gem in busy Keira St. I dined there twice and loved the food, chef and waiter and the relaxed dining experience. The entrance way was probably too difficult for many potential diners as there were stairs to be climbed but once inside the effort was worth it. I am yet to review the restaurant which is now under new management. It seems to change hands quite often.
  • Metro Grill - When I was last in Wollongong I saw that Metro Grill had closed. I enjoyed a nice meal there with my Sister and her friend there and thought that the prices were very reasonable for a very pleasant dining experience.
  • Okuma Sushi Train, Keira St. Wollongong by you. Okuma Sushi train - my favourite Japanese restaurant which was located in Keira St, Wollongong. There is still the Okuma sushi store inside Crown Central but the busy sushi train with its friendly chefs and waiters who greeted every person as they entered is no more. Each plate was colour coded and matched a price list on the wall. Such fun and definitely something my friends and I looked forward to. I hope that there will be another sushi train in Wollongong some day
  • Oriental Expressions - one of the most exciting restaurants has closed. I first visited Oriental Expressions on Valentines Day and enjoyed it soo much that I went back for Chinese New Year and Yum Cha. It changed ownership and is now the The Old Siam Style Thai Restaurant
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