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Another Illawarra business discovered via Vanessa from South Coast Imag is Witch's Teas

All our teas are blended using leaves, flowers, peel, berries and roots that have been organically grown and hand picked at La Luna. They are then dried and processed in the Witch’s Kitchen, blended and packaged in a variety of combinations. All our teas are loose leaf tea – no tea bags! – so they need to be served in a pot and poured using a tea strainer, or brewed in a cup or mug using an infuser. For the best tea... (Read more)

Tea Witch’s Kitchen
celestial Green Tea

Prepared in a traditional chinese style for a mild, floral, green tea. When you finish a pot of green tea you can pour more hot water over the leaves for a fresh pot, or continue to add water to the tea pot as you drink the tea. You can usually get a lot of cups from one pot of green tea.
Tea Witch’s Kitchen
celestial Nettle Tea

A bright green, herbaceous tea with a mellow flavour. Soothing and calming.
Tea Witch’s Kitchen
celestial Lemon Tea

A blend of green tea and lemon scented herbs, including lemon grass, Melissa balm, lemon verbena and lemon zest.
Tea Witch’s Kitchen
celestial Lavender Tea

A blend of green tea, English lavender flowers and orange zest yields an intensely fragrant tea.
Aromatic Black Tea Witch’s Kitchen
celestial Aromatic Black Tea

A hand-processed, Chinese-style black tea with a delicate flavour and spicy aroma.
WInter Witch’s Kitchen
celestial Winter Tea

The last harvest of the growing season, these leaves have been wok-fired as part of their processing. The resulting golden-coloured tea has a slightly sweet green tea flavour and a 'toasted' aroma.
Kirsten from Witch's Kitchen
Phone: 0410 289 539
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