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Duck with special rice from Jasmine Restaurant, Warilla:Vanessa Pike-Russell

It was my birthday on October 17th and my husband decided to treat me to dinner at the Jasmine Restaurant in Warilla ahead of our birthday celebration at the Sydney Night Noodle Markets the next night. Not wanting to overdo it we decide upon one entrée and one main to share, with rice.

Seated in the recently renovated restaurant in George Street, Warilla we ordered a mixed entrée, a beer and a West Coast Cooler from the drinks menu. I know it is very 80s of me but that was what I used to drink when I was 18 and it always makes me smile and feel like a party.

As we sat perusing the duck section of the menu we spotted 'Duck with Special Sauce - $14.90'.

Intrigued, I asked the friendly waitress what was in the special sauce.

"Chicken, beef and prawn", she replied.

The looks exchanged between myself and my husband mirrored our confusion. When you see 'special sauce' you imagine the ingredients to be... sauce... not two types of meat and seafood. Feeling adventurous we decided to give into our inquisitive natures.
The mixed entrée arrived quickly and with a smile. I loved the crab claw and the moist crab flesh. Hubby loves the prawn toast and together we make quick work of the entrée and dipping sauces.

When the main meal arrived with the perfectly cooked roast duck topped with chicken, beef and prawn we were pleasantly surprised and tried to identify the ingredients of the sauce. The dish was cooked to perfection with the vegetables slightly crunchy, the sauce gentle and flavoursome and combination of duck with the meats and seafood very tasty.

You cannot see the duck in this photo as it is underneath the other layers but we can attest that it was very delicious. We ascertained that there was oyster sauce, sesame oil, perhaps some fish sauce and a hint of lemongrass but to make sure we will go back and sample this dish again. Great value for money and a colourful presentation, served with a smile.

Mixed Entrée - $7.90
Duck with Special Sauce $14.90

Jasmine Restaurant
19 George St, WARILLA,
NSW, 2528
Phone: (02) 4296 1707 Tweet This
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