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Collegians Wollongong - Wednesday $5 steak, chips and salad meal

$5.50 scotch fillet steak with chips and sald

You just can't beat the prices of Collegians Wollongong. Every day of the week they have a special lunch meal ranging from three to six dollars ($3-$6). Menu includes Chicken Schnitzel with chips and salad ($3), Sausages and vegetables ($3), Rissoles and vegetables ($3), Roast Chicken with vegetables ($3), Fried Fish (with chips and salad)($3) and on Wednesday it is Steak, Chips and Salad for $5.50. Bargain!

As I waited in line to buy two steaks (medium rare, as usual) I spied a new menu item - Veal and Seafood Torino and decided to try it. One thing I learned was that if you order two meals they will hold the steak in the bay marie until the other meal is cooked. Not a good idea. Next time I will order them on separate dockets. By the time the Veal and Seafood Torino was cooked the steak had been sitting for too long and was cold when it reached the table. Philip was not a happy chap.

Collegians Wollongong's Veal and Seafood Torino
Collegians Wollongong's Veal and Seafood Torino ($21.90).

The sauce was similar to a marinara and was nice, if a little heavy for my tastes. The dish was garnished with Australian feta and green olives. To be honest I much prefer Danish feta, especially marinated. It has a much better taste and creamy texture than the Australian variety. The olives were too bitter for my liking. I have only recently acquired the taste for olives, as recently as Australia Day when I sampled some marinated olives at Five Island Brewery as part of an antipasto platter.

Collegians (Rugby Football Club)Wollongong
3A Charlotte St
Wollongong, NSW 2500, Australia
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