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On October 17th, 2006 I celebrated my 35th birthday. It was quite a milestone so I decided to spend my day enjoying Taronga Park Zoo's 90 cent entry for birthday boys and girls (part of their 90th birthday celebrations) and then at night made our way to the Night Noodle Markets in Sydney's Hyde Park. It was a magical experience for me, my first night market but certainly not my last.

If you missed it, there is good news - it is on again this year and, weather and health permitting, I will be there on my birthday to once again celebrate growing older with a party environment that is intoxicating. Thousands of people coming together to sample foods from all over the world, sample beers and wine and appreciate the wonderful City of Sydney. What more could a birthday girl ask for?

Here are some photos from last year's Good Food Month, Night Noodle Markets 06

Night Noodle Markets, Hyde Park


Seafood Skewers

Salt and Pepper Calimari

Yum Cha

My favourite of the night was the Japanese Okonomiyaki from Japancake

King Prawn Pancake (okonomiyaki)

King Prawn Pancake (okonomiyaki) with Oysters

Oysters au Naturale'

Yum Cha plate $18 @ Night Noodle Markets in Hyde Park, Sydney

Hyde Park North
Hyde Park, Sydney

Event dates:
Monday, 8 October 5 - 9pm
Tuesday, 9 October 5 - 9pm
Wednesday, 10 October 5 - 9pm
Thursday, 11 October 5 - 9pm
Friday, 12 October 5 - 9pm
Monday, 15 October 5 - 9pm
Tuesday, 16 October 5 - 9pm
Wednesday, 17 October 5 - 9pm
Thursday, 18 October 5 - 9pm
Friday, 19 October 5 - 9pm Tweet This
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