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I was in the mood for Yum Cha so we headed down to a favourite restaurant of ours - Oriental Expression on Keira Street, Wollongong. Our first visit was on Valentines Day, for their set banquet menu and second on Chinese New Year, both very memorable experiences. Today would be no different. We were escorted to our table and given the Yum Cha menu. Meals ranged between $3.50 for 3 pieces to $9 for a large serve.

After looking the menu over we settled on
  • Thai Duck Spring Rolls (3 pieces for $3.50)
  • Crab and Spinach Dim Sim (3 pieces for $4.20)
  • Scallop and vegetable Dim Sim (3 pieces for $4.20)
  • Prawn Meat Dumpling (3 pieces for $4.20)
  • Beef Satay Sticks (3 pieces for $5.50)
  • Salted Chili Pork Chop (large serve for $5.50)
  • Egg Custard Bun (3 pieces for $4.20)

All meals were shared three ways, perfect since most of the dishes had three pieces.

Oriental Expression: The best iced tea I have ever tasted and it was only $1!!!

After ordering our yum cha banquet I saw the 'Super Value" Iced Bubble Green tea for $1 extra with any purchased meal and thought 'why not!' I love green tea but until now had not liked iced green tea which is usually sold in a can and contains preservatives. As I watched our waiter put ice, green tea, syrup and bubbled water together I began to get excited. When I tasted it I was in heaven. It has a very fresh taste and reminds me of the flavour of green tea icecream. It was sweet but not sickly, refreshing and very easy to drink. I will definitely order it again.

Our first course was the Thai Duck Spring Rolls which were very tasty. The duck meat flavour was subtle but definitely discernible. A very nice start to the meal.
Oriental Expression - Thai Duck Spring Rolls

Next was the Crab and Spinach Dim Sim (or dim sum in the USA).
The flavours of crab and spinach blended well with crab flavour subtle
but unmistakable. All dim sims were served in a bamboo dish with a layer
of leaves.

Oriental Expression - yum cha - crab and spinach dim sim

We were looking forward to the scallop and vegetable dim sims.
You could really taste the scallop within the dim sim casing.
The flavour was amazing and left me wanting more

Oriental Expression - yum cha - scallop and vegetable

Followed by a most delicious prawn meat dumpling.

Oriental Expression - yum cha - scallop and vegetable dim sim, prawnmeat dumpling

Here they are together on the one plate to show size
Oriental Expression - yum cha - crab and spinach, prawn dumpling, scallop and vegetable

Next was the beef satay sticks . I have to say that I have never experienced anything quite like it. The meat was fried rather than grilled and had a lovely texture to it which was complemented by the tasty satay (peanut sauce).

The Salted Chili Pork Chop course was very tasty. We were just in the middle of saying that the chilli wasn't very hot when I swallowed a chilli seed and had a burst of heat in my mouth very different to t he gentle warmth of the rest of the meal.

Oriental Expression - beef satay and pork chop

Oriental Expression - egg custard bun

Oriental Expression - salt chilli pork chop

Around this time I was very close to being full but there was room for dessert of egg custard bun. Make sure that you remove the paper layer or you will be eating it. It was nice but a little too doughy for my tastes. Stan liked his, and ate Philip's as well!

Oriental Expression - egg custard bun
Oriental Expression - egg custard bun

An amazing meal shared by three very pleased patrons. It was our first yum cha at Oriental Expression but it won't be our last! Our bill came to $47 including three beers, two green teas and the meals. Very reasonable prices and great service with a smile. What more could you ask for?

Oriental Expression
157 Keira Street Wollongong NSW 2500
(02) 4227 4222 Fax: (02) 4227 4772
Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 8.30am to late
Sunday 8.30 - 5.00pm
Licensed/BYO: Both

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