Vanessa Pike-Russell
A few years ago when I was living in Keiraville I convinced my friends to head into Ciao's Mediterranean Restaurant and Pizzeria. It soon became a fortnightly favourite, especially after we purchased a Rewards Club Card online which offers a 2 for 1 on small pizzas.

Two of the first pizzas we ever ordered were the Greek meatballs pizza and my favourite, the seafood pizza. It opened my eyes to what a true gourmet pizza experience could be. It's only ten minutes from Wollongong and well worth the visit! I am happy to say that Ciao's has been nominated for an award from the Restaurant and Catering 2009 South Coast Awards

With the quality of food, service and wonderful ambiance it is easy to see why!

Greek meatballs pizza
ciao pizza with meatballs by you.

Seafood pizza - absolutely delicious!

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