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Last year I was in the cheeses section of Woolworths at Warilla Grove shopping center when I stumbled upon something that has become a vital part of my fortnightly shopping list. I was buying some parmesan cheese for my spaghetti bolognaise and as I was comparing price per 100g of the varieties of grated parmesan I spotted the pizza plus and when I read that it was a blend of my three favourite cheeses I was intrigued. The first thing I tried it on was the spaghetti bolognaise made the traditional italian way. Belissimo! The sharpness of the parmesan coupled with the stringiness of mozzarella and delicious cheddar flavour. It was a hit with everyone and was soon the cheese of choice in our house. It is amazing when grilled, making the perfect cheese and tomato on toast. Absolutely delectable on home made pizzas. Try it yourself. I am sure it will find its way into your trolley from then. Cheese on toast will never be the same.

Perfect Italiano Pizza PlusPerfect Italiano Pizza Plus

A convenient and unique blend of Mozzarella (for stretch), Cheddar (for a bold flavour), and Parmesan (for bite), Perfect Italiano Pizza Plus is a delicious blend of three cheeses that are ideal for your pizzas, sauces and hot snacks.

Cheese [pasteurised milk, salt, cultures, enzyme], anti-caking agent (460), preservative (200). Mozzarella Cheese (70%), Cheddar Cheese (20%) and Parmesan Cheese (10%).

Product of Australia

It comes in either a block of pizza cheese or as grated cheese in a re-sealable bag. Also available in a Pizza Plus light with 40% less fat.

Perfect Italiano website
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