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This is the second time I have made this bread but this time I took photos along the way.

Whisk 3 eggs until light and fluffy

20090507-170304-4 by you.

Stir in 400g Sugar

20090507-165912-1 by you. 20090507-170454-5 by you.

Add 235ml Vegetable Oil

20090507-170128-3 by you.20090507-170802-6 by you.

Stir well
20090507-171008-7 by you.

Next, add 225gm of shredded zucchini

20090507-171812-8 by you. 20090507-172114-10 by you.

375gm plain flower
20090507-172508-13 by you. 20090507-174020-23 by you.

A pinch of ground cinnamon powder, 5g baking powder [1]

20090507-172858-15 by you.20090507-173048-16 by you.

WalnutsCrush the nuts up either with a plastic bag or mortar and pestle

20090507-173220-17 by you. 20090507-173306-18 by you.

Add the crushed walnuts to the mixture
20090507-173542-20 by you. 20090507-173902-22 by you.

Add the dry ingredients (zucchini, flower, baking powder, cinnamon powder, ground walnuts to the wet ingredients (eggs, oil, sugar)

Stir dry ingredients until well combined and then pour the wet ingredients (egg, sugar, oil) and mix well and divide equally into two greased bread tins

20090507-174354-24 by you. 20090507-174724-25 by you.

Into the oven they go! And here is one of the Zucchini Bread loafs fresh from the oven!

Zucchini Bread - fresh from the oven

The zucchini bread had a wonderful texture - light, moist and melted in the mouth. There was so much flavour and despite my concerns about the amount of sugar it had the right blend of flavours and leaves one wanting more.

1. Original recipe stated 1g baking powder, 5g baking soda but I didn't have any baking soda and so used 5g baking powder and the bread rose very well without the baking soda

2. The recipe stated 60g walnuts but I used what I had on hand

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