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Long Island Cafe, Windang by you.
I have been living back in Lake Illawarra, NSW for a few years after living in Northern Wollongong suburbs and Tasmania and one of the things I really enjoy is a visit to Windang, a tourist town for fishermen and people that want to just slow down and enjoy the wonderful Lake Illawarra and nearby beaches.
It was after 2pm and most of the restaurants and club meals had finished so it was nice to find the Long Island Cafe and its vibrant orange interior which drew me in to have a closer look. Long Island Cafe, Windang NSW 2528 by you. The smell of coffee was in the air and the cold bar with different types of fish and other seafood available soon piqued my interest.

I asked if it was possible to have the hoki fillet grilled with garlic butter and I was told that it wouldn't be a problem. There was a small fee of 50 cents. Believe me - it was well worth it! One of the most succulent, flavourful fish I have had in years!
Grilled Hoki with Garlic Butter from Long Island Cafe, Windang NSW 2528 by you.

The seafood skewers I had spotted on the menu were great value, including prawns, mussels, calamari and vegetables and served with a wonderful salad which included beans, cauliflower and a really nice dressing plus chips.
Long Island Cafe Seafood Skewers with chips and salad $11 by you.

There were plenty of seats available if we wanted to dine in but what I was really looking forward to was a seat by the waters edge and I wasn't disappointed. There is nothing like it and for $16 we had a full fillet of fish grilled to perfection and two seafood skewers with chips and salad. More than enough to feed two people and a few (dozen) seagulls as well. A short distance away I enjoyed watching the sun go down over Windang island. Such a wonderful day to end a day.
Windang Island at Sunset from Redall Parade, Lake Illawarra Foreshore

Located near the Post Office and Liquor Store on the south-bound side of Windang Road it is a well kept secret that will soon be a firm favourite.

I also purchased some Viking Blue Cheese form the mixed goods store on the corner which was enjoyed as supper hours later. They stock a wide range of cheeses and other gourmet items as well as a range of grocery items and fresh produce. Perfect for making up a picnic or enjoying a nice cold icecream on a warm Winter's day.


Fresh Fish, Meal Combos, Gourmet Burgers, Foccacias & Sandwiches, All day Breakfast and coffee.

Fish and Seafood: Catch of the day $4.50 or $8 with chips and salad. Lightly fried in lemon tempura batter (50 cents more for grilled). Nile Perch or Barramundi $6 or $9.50 with chips and salad.

Seafood combos (with chips and salad) include: Seafood basket $9.50; Grilled Barramundi with horshradish sauce $10.50.; Salt & Chilli prawn $11; Grilled Barramundi Karumba with prawns & avocado $14.50; BBQ Rump Steak $14, Grilled Salmon Kilpatrick with bacon $15.50

Other combos (all come with chips and salad): Chicken Schnitzel $7.50, Lasagne $8.50, Boneless fried chicken $8.50, Salt & Pepper Squid $8.50, Seafood Skewers $11

Gourmet burgers starting at $4.50 for Traditional hamburger or Egg & Bacon Roll up to $5.50 for Steak & Mushroom Roll

Foccacias Creat your own with 3 fillings are $4.50 then $1 per filling or try Long Island Cafe's Beyond 2000 (chicken, avocado, sundried tomato & tasty cheese), New York New York (Turkey, cucumber, onion, carrot w. cranberry sauce), Device Dream (Roast beef, carrot, mushroom, seeded mustard & swiss cheese) or Tropical Island (Ham, cheese, capsicum and tomato).

All Day breakfast starts at $2.50 for raisin toast or cinnamon toast, 4.50 forTurkish bread melt or $9 for the big breakfast of Bacon, egg, grilled tomato, sausage served on toast with orange juice or coffee $9.

Coffees: All coffees are $3.00

Long Island CAFE
Shop 1, 233 Windang Rd, Windang
Phone: 0242 965556
Monday - Sunday 7.45am - 6.30pm
Closed Tuesday

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