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Growing up in Wollongong  with Italian uncles Rocco Annechini and Carlo Dressino, I spent a lot of time being surrounded by European food including Lasagne, Canneloni and Spaghetti Marinara from Pasta Fina in Wollongong. You can now buy Pasta Fina products in many delicatessens and supermarkets throughout the Illawarra but if you can do so I suggest you visit the source and visit the Pasta Fina store in Crown St, Wollongong.

Married to the job: Flaminio Fina - nobody does it his way.
Married to the job: Flaminio Fina - nobody does it his way.
Photo: Natalie Boog of SMH

 When you enter the store you can see Flaminio and his team making the product fresh or you can purchase their dried, fridge or freezer packs for eating at home or at a special event. Take the time to explore the different varieties and talk to the experts about their favourites and what each pasta is best suited for. 
One of my favourite products is their authentic Spaghetti Marinara which you just heat and eat. Delicious!

Read more about this treasure trove of foodie delights in an article by By Helen Greenwood, SMH 

Pasta Fina

63 Crown St (East End), Wollongong
NSW 2500, Australia
Phone: (02) 4228 1021
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