Vanessa Pike-Russell
I love Oysters. I have since the ripe old age of 2 when my Father owned an Oyster lease up near Tin Can Bay in Queensland. We used to visit the mangrove swamp to collect the oysters, always stopping to taste some before leaving. There is nothing like eating a freshly shucked oyster minutes from plucking it from the water.

Last year I visited the Barilla Bay Oysters in Tasmania and enjoyed the same fresh oyster experience and flew back home with two dozen plump Tasmanian oysters on a flight to Sydney.

Recently I have been buying Oysters from the Shellharbour Seafood market at Stocklands Shellharbour (formerly Shellharbour Square) and whilst they have been fresh I am craving another oyster farm experience.

Soon I will be organising a Illawarra Gourmet Food Safari with BHC Promotions and a visit to the Shoalhaven River and Greenwell Point Oyster farms is high on my list of priorities. If you are interested in taking part in the Illawarra Foodie safari please email me at to be added to the newsletter.

Until then, the Shoalhaven Oyster Service has created some interesting videos about how Oysters are harvested and helpful information about storing, shucking and eating oysters. Not that I need any help with the latter! :)

29 Greenwell Point Road
Greenwell Point

Telephone: 02 4447 1290
Fax: 02 4447 1717
Mobile Phone Number: 02 4447 1717

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