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Sydney LETS (Local Energy Trading System) is an alternative trading network made up of individuals who trade goods and services using a community currency called “Operas” instead of federal dollars.

LETS Mission
To improve members’ quality of life by providing, managing, promoting and supporting an alternative trading system.

Better than Barter
Barter is a simple one-to-one exchange - I cook for you in return for you digging my garden.
LETS is different - I cook for John; John digs Mary’s garden; Mary cuts Joe’s hair; Joe fixes Lenny’s car; Lenny sells me vegetables and so on around the system…
Each of these trades is paid for in operas and recorded in a central ‘bank’.

Why join?
Non exploitative, non profit, strengthens community values and relationships, promotes self-sufficiency and supports sustainability, prevents stuff from going to landfill, gets neglected jobs done, potential to inter-trade with other LETS communities, meet like minded people, build and be a part of the local community.

Trade is no longer limited by the availability of cash
LETS is a “parallel economy” supporting local communities and empowering individuals.

Please read on to learn all about how to turn your time, skills and goods into local currency.

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