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Ever since the news article on Pomegranates as a superfood I have been eating them or drinking the juice at least once a month. Several of my photos of pomegranates have been used in magazine and newspaper articles around the world. One such article is by Avocado magazine which featured my heart shape made out of pomegranate seeds above.

[ Photo of pomegranate heart published in Avocado magazine ]

In Pomegranates: 70 Celebratory Recipes By Ann Kleinberg she writes:
"The culinary and mythological virtues of pomegranates have been extolled in art and literature since the time of the ancient Greeks, and these days the fruit is enjoying the spotlight as one of the hot new culinary trends. Famed for its tart, refreshing juice and for its symbolism of royalty and fertility, the pomegranate is guaranteed to perk up almost any meal. Whether an integral part of a dish’s composition or adding a bit of color and surprise as a garnish, pomegranates bring beauty and stimulating flavor. Pomegranates offers the natural and cultural history of the pomegranate throughout the world; gives tips on how to buy, eat, and use this delectable fruit; and then dishes up a comprehensive collection of 70 pomegranate recipes. More and more people seem perfectly happy to wrestle with this amazing fruit to experience its hard-gotten but ultimately satisfying taste treasure."

If you love the flavour of pomegranates but hate how fiddly and messy they can be then I heartily recommend you spend the five dollars or so on some Pom juice. It is a great addition to a cocktail, juice blend or nice way to start the day with a nip of pomegranate juice. My favourite is POM juice but there are others out there, including Bickford which isn't as sweet as POM.

Taste of Summer - Pomegranate fruit by you.

Robert A. Newman, M.S., Ph.D. writes:
"If you're wondering why an entire book is devoted to one fruit, the pomegranate, wonder no more. With its complex qualities, including its highly concenrated supply of antioxidants, its ability to regulate hormones, and its antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral qualities, this fruit stands out in high profile, even among all the marvels of contemporary natural medicine and therapeutic nutrition. This book investigates why the pomegranate deserves to be called "The Most Medicinal Fruit" and discusses how pomegranate can help: reduce the risk of various cancers, cardiovascular disease, and stroke; slow or prevent the harmful effects of chronic inflammation and oxidation; prevent postmenopausal conditions in women and prostate problems in men; maintain brain function, joint health, and a strong immune system; prevent Alzhemier's disease, osteoarthritis, and infection. After many centuries in which the pomegranae's medical usefulness was revered, but then forgoten in the stampede of pharmaceuticals, the pomegrnate is again approaching center state as a modern-day fountain of health."

Pomegranates: 70 Celebratory RecipesPomegranates: 70 Celebratory Recipes by Ann Kleinberg
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Pomegranate: The Ultimate Health FoodPomegranate: The Ultimate Health Food by Robert A. Newman
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