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Keiraville Fine Cuisine
Located in the leafy suburb of Keiraville nestled between a butcher, supermarket, green grocer and corner store. Only a few streets away from the University and a definite treasure trove of gourmet foods and treats.
They also stock a range of gluten free foods including the Berihurikari Curries from Berry, NSW. 

Pastries - Chicken and Mushroom Filo, Spinach and Feta Filo

Pastries at Keiraville Fine Cuisine Deli, Keiraville by you.
  Triple berry Yoghurt
Triple Berry Yoghurt at Keiraville Fine Cuisine Deli, Keiraville by you. 
Berihurikari curries available in the fridge
BeriHuriKari Gluten Free Asian Curries

A range of cakes and friands
Cakes at Keiraville Fine Cuisine Deli, Keiraville by you. 

Pure Gelato range including Lemon sorbet, Vanilla bean, Chocolate and Hazelnut

Pure Gelato Lemon sorbet and Vanilla Bean Gelato tubs at Keiraville Fine Cuisine by you.

Delicatessens - Keiraville, NSW

p: (02) 4227 2281

a: Shp 4/ 207 Gipps Rd,
Keiraville NSW 2500, Australia
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