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I first heard about the Berihurikari Curries at Keiraville Fine Cuisine, near Wollongong. The lady behind the counter who is married to the owner of the Keiraville Butcher next door recommended them highly and at first bite I knew why. High quality ingredients cooked with love and sold in a ready to heat container that could be placed in the freezer or eaten after heating after 5-7 minutes. Restaurant quality and even better - gluten free!

BeriHuriKari Gluten Free Asian Curries

All Berihurikari curries are gluten free.

Curries and Rice come in 500gm bags (serves 2 persons) or 250gm bags (single serve).

Prices show 500gm/250gm.

Chicken dishes all $18 for 500g or $11 for 250g

  • Buttered Chicken (Murgh Makhani) - lovely thick creamy sauce
  • White Chicken Korma - delicately flavoured with spices, yoghurt and dash of rose water
  • Chicken with Toasted Coconut- delicately flavoured with coconut milk, spices, lemon & chilli.
  • Chicken Bangalore - coconut milk, spices, lemon juice, lemon zest and fresh coriander
  • Chicken in Coconut Milk (Rendang Ayam) medium curry with coconut, red chillies & spices
  • Chicken Hyderabad - A spicy medium chicken curry with a citrus and tomato tang
  • Chicken Kukul Mas - A spicy chicken curry with a tangy citrus bite, finished with coconut cream

Lamb dishes also $18 / $11

  • Lamb Korma
  • Lamb Saag
  • Roghan Josh 

Beef dishes are $16 / $9.50
  • Beef Madras
  • Cardamon Beef
  • Bombay Beef
  • Beef Vindaloo

Vegetable curries are $15 / $8.10

  • Kumera and Cashew Nut Curry - kumera and cashew nuts, spices, lemon zest and coconut milk
  • Dahl - home style lentil curry, mild
  • Zucchini and Red Lentil Curry - tangy with tomatoes, coconut milk and fresh coriander
  • Mixed Vegetable Curry - creamy vegetable curry with fresh lemon zest and coriander
  • Aubergine (Eggplant) and Potato Curry - spicy curry with tomatoes, chillies , spices and coriander

Rice and poppadom dishes
  • Plain Savoury Rice (Namkin Chawal)
  • Pilau Rice - savoury rice dish
  • Lijjat Pappadams - Plain, Pepper or Cumin (6 or 3 to a pack) - $5.00/$2.50

Available From
Orders can be placed directly with Berihurikari (see contact details above). Curry choices and prices are available on the Berihurikari website (click link on this page)
Deliveries are made to NSW Central Coast, Blue Mountains and Sydney suburbs. See website for details or contact Berihurikari direct
Berry Markets (1st Sunday of the month)
Kiama Produce Market (4th Saturday of the month)
Bowral Produce Market (2nd Saturday of the month)
Wollongong Mall Markets at Crown Central (every Friday)
Major events at Homebush stadium (from the food vendor area outside the stadium)
Various retail outlets including Manuka Fine Food Store (Canberra), Green Poppy (Shellharbour), Jamberoo General Store (Jamberoo), Kangaroo Valley Supermarket (Kangaroo Valley), Mangerton
Convenience Store (Mangerton), Keiraville Fine Cuisine (Wollongong), Emporium (Berry)
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