Vanessa Pike-Russell
Since this blog is done on a voluntary basis I am hoping to fundraise so that I can continue to cover events in the Illawarra and share them here. Some of the events include costs of $100 or above and whilst I would love to attend I just haven't had the money to pay for them.

So, I thought I would see if there was anyone out there who also loves Illawarra Food and wants to spread the word that there is PLENTY to love about the Illawarra and its food. I have used Redbubble, an Australian company, to create some stickers, t-shirts and kids clothing with just under 20% commission to go towards future events and paying for a domain name and hosting. In the text I have added links to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and Blogspot. Please help spread the word and buy a sticker for $2.53 or a t-shirt from $29.99.

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