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It is so important to source the best ingredients you can. Sometimes this means you are paying a little extra. One of the investments I make each month is to choose a good  oil.  Often this is an Italian Olive Oil purchased in bulk from Mitchells Fruit for Less in Warilla Grove. They often have specials on bulk oils and it just makes sense to stock up on the best. If I had the extra money in my budget I would splash out on a locally produced Olive Oil such as that produced by Razorback Olive Oil located near Appin or another local producer.

With my drop in income from freelance photography and web design due to businesses suffering from the economic climate I have to spend my money wisely and try to purchase the best quality I can within my budget. I know that I am not alone in having to tighten my purse strings but I have learned from experience that buying the cheapest bottle of oil without paying notice of the per unit amount often leads to paying more over time.

 I like to keep on eye on Homeshop and Coles Online to compare prices and let my mouse-clicks do the work rather than walking up and down the aisle in-store. This week I noticed a special on Woolworths Homeshop on Four Litres of Moro Olive Oil .

When you click on a store aisle and then narrow the search by clicking on a category within that aisle you can order your search by price or by unit. When it comes to finding the cheapest price per 100ml the by unit sort method makes light work of finding the best buys.

Moro Olive Oil Extra Virgin 4L  was 54.74 now 23.99 ($0.60/100ml)

If you have any shopping tips this week please comment on this post.
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