Vanessa Pike-Russell
No visit to Kiama would be complete without a visit to  My Chocolate Shoppe in 106 Terralong St, Kiama.
They sell a wide range of handmade chocolates in all shapes, sizes and flavours.

My Chocolate Shoppe, 106 Terralong St, Kiama

Needing a caffeine hit after a 4am start I decided upon a chilli mocha (cappuccino, Belgian chocolate and chilli powder). Yumm! Also with me was Maryann from Kiama and Stella from Umbria, Italy who ordered a Mocha (without the Chilli) and Hot Chocolate with whipped cream, consecutively.

Whilst we waited for our drinks to be prepared I took some photographs of the interior and each individual chocolate sold at My Chocolate Shoppe. By the time my chilli mocha arrived I was hungry to taste some of the specialty chocolates and had purchased a sample pack of 9 chocolates

When our drinks arrived you could hear our moans of delight. There is nothing like a perfectly made cup of mocha with the finest quality ingredients to awaken the appetite.
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