Vanessa Pike-Russell
Shellharbour at Dusk
People are often asking me, 'What does Illawarra mean?"
Illawarra is a region of New South Wales, Australia just an
hour's drive from Sydney. It encompasses the cities of
Wollongong (known for being a Steel City and City of Innovation),
as well as Shellharbour City and Kiama. It also loosely includes
the area north of of Wollongong City and south to Shoalhaven.

A beautiful part of the world and one that I am proud to live in.
If you have ever seen images of the Sea Scape Bridge or the
view from Bulli Pass from Sydney then you have had a sneak
peak at some of the stunning coastal villages the Illawarra is
famous for.

Catch a train from Sydney down to Wollongong and take the time
to explore some of the best restaurants and cafes in Australia.

The video below was made by a local who made it for a friend in
San Francisco. The next time you hear 'Wollongong' and think
"Steel Works' remind yourself that there is much more to the Illawarra
than meets the eye. It took my leaving the Illawarra and moving to
Tasmania, and then back again, to really appreciate its beauty.

Enjoy :)

Illawarra Food and Restaurant Reviews
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